Housing/Eviction Defense Solidarity (HEDS-Up!) is a community network dedicated to supporting tenants facing eviction. HEDS-Up! was formed as the pandemic began. The social media accounts of Cant Pay, Won’t Pay build off of this effort. Building off of the national movement to #CancelRent, the importance of “If we can’t pay alone, then let’s not pay together” became clear.

Currently, HEDS-Up works to support tenants who are going through the eviction process. We are not a non-profit organization or focused on politicians acting in our best interest, and we can’t help the thousands of people in this crisis pay their rent or bills. But we do believe that, we can support each other in other ways.

Part of our work is providing resources to the community as the process of learning how to move and act in collective space. The process took HEDS Up! to compile resources that others could use to launch similar projects, a framework for approaching eviction defense while moving towards abolition. Find a link download to below.

Watch out and HEDS Up!